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Many people are turning their attention to this new world of virtual currency—however, cryptocurrency is understood by only a few.

The crypto market evolves at a rapid pace, making it impossible to wrap one’s head around the projects.

That’s why I’ve built to help you navigate this promised land of financial freedom. Here you’ll find well-researched, unbiased insights about cryptocurrency and other blockchain-related projects.

More importantly, it shines light on the true value of crypto investments.

So, if you’re looking to leverage your crypto enthusiasm and back the right projects (while having fun), then you’ve come to the right place!

Why Cryptopati

Most crypto websites and YouTube channels create a sense of urgency with their “BUY NOW, SELL NOW” ideology.

Truth be told, crypto is much more than a quick means to make a fortune.

To me, crypto is a lifestyle. A mindset. A set of values that gets us closer to a society that is secure, transparent and trustworthy.

Cryptopati is an all-things-crypto site for Indian crypto enthusiasts. That means, all the guides are exclusively researched and analyzed for the Indian market.

The goal of is simple: to provide trust and clarity on what happens in the crypto space. 


Guides to Financial Freedom

The cryptocurrency space is an exciting field, no doubt. But, it can get quite overwhelming, pretty quick!

This is especially true for Indian crypto enthusiasts, as there is uncertainty around the regulations governing cryptocurrency

Here, you’ll discover everything you need to know about your favourite cryptocurrency project and where you can buy them safely.

Blockchain Technology

And, if you want to know how to invest in multiple crypto projects, I’ve got your back!


Why Digital Currency is the Future of Money

Today, all fiat currencies are managed by central authorities like governments, banks and financial institutions. And depending on the geopolitical situation, these entities have the power to influence the macroeconomy to benefit their rich.

Can cryptocurrency help tackle this fundamental market issue?

Unlike fiat money, cryptocurrencies are facilitated by the community. Its decentralised nature makes it immune to manipulation and other fraudulent interference.


Making Sense of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology

To say Bitcoin has been steering the crypto market since its inception is an understatement. 

The technology that makes the Bitcoin network so compelling and robust, is known as blockchain. 

Blockchain technology is a type of a distributed ledger that records and tracks transactions in an efficient way. Essentially, it’s a shared database where the information is stored in a chain of blocks. 

In simple terms, you can think of cryptocurrency as a digital asset and blockchain technology as the infrastructure that underpins digital transactions.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies leverage the key elements of blockchain technology – decentralizationimmutabilitytransparency, and verifiability  to secure data and authenticate transactions. 


Discover Your Favourite Cryptocurrency

There are over 5000 cryptocurrencies in circulation, and this number shows no sign of stopping. So how can you find the ones perfect for you? 

When analyzing a cryptocurrency project, I look beyond the benefits and the downsides. I study the purpose of the currency, its protocols and what value it adds. 

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Deep Dive into Indian Crypto Exchanges

Choosing a crypto exchange that’s secure and reliable can be difficult.

Naturally, the exchange has to be available in India, support multiple cryptocurrencies and satisfy a ton of other requirements, including payment methods, user interface, fees and pricing.

I test all the crypto exchanges rigorously, so you can find the most suitable exchange for your investment goals.

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Become a Cryptopati!

I strongly believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will play a pivotal role in shaping India’s economy

The only question is, are you ready to join the tens of thousands of Indians who are forging their financial independence through crypto investment?